Went to a gun show today

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Went to a gun show today

Postby Niner » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:18 pm

Lots of tables and lots of people. Not many milsurps. Lots of everything else.... particularly black guns and hand guns. Assortments of pop's closet shotguns and rifles. Some black powder guns in both historic and reproduction. I went mostly to see what kind of prices they were asking for milsurps. I'm thinking about reducing my collection....again. Maybe this time I'l actually do something about it.

Saw some Enfield 2A's or maybe 2A1's , didn't look at them closely. Two different dealers had them at $599 asking. Back when the boat landed in the C&R market they were less than $200 for either model.

Saw a Systema Colt 1911 that some guy wanted $1450 for.

A run of the mill 91/30 Nagant $275.

A K98 in not particularly pristine condition a guy wanted $875.

A carbine Mannlicher had a $399 price tag.

Saw a "Springfield Armory" M1 refurb from whatever parts for $1475.

Don't know if the asking ever produced a sale or not on the milsurps...but the asking prices were up there all the same.
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Re: Went to a gun show today

Postby Miller Tyme » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:29 pm

Went to the OGCA show Saturday, sold 2 firearms, and left shaking my head at an asshat seller who wouldn't sell me his Swedish M41 because I was a "03" FFL holder. He offered to ship it to an Indiana FFL if I paid shipping and transfer fee. :evil:

Told him to keep his rifle and enjoy his trip back to Cleveland.
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Re: Went to a gun show today

Postby ArchFluffy » Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:19 pm

My gun show was like yours.

Lots of black rifles. I did see some more milsurps this time but the prices were mental. Mosin Nagant rifles with $400+ prices. And I found a K31 for $650. I'm not sure how much being sold though.

But I always try to go. Never know what might be there.


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