Swiss Bayonets for Duncan's G11

The country that avoids war and the country that fights but has a hard time winning have been combined. The Swiss made some excellent firearms and the French made some unique and occasionally inspiring ones. We have added the Belgian and Dutch since they are neighbors.

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Swiss Bayonets for Duncan's G11

Postby ArchFluffy » Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:22 am

As you read in his post, Duncan bought a bayonet to go with his rifle (that at this writing he still does not have).

Duncan's rifle (a 96/11) accepts 1889 pattern bayonets. Naming Swiss bayonets can be a pain because I see them going by many different designations even for the same model. So don't obsess to much about what they are called.

There are three main types of bayo that Duncan could have gone with.

This is called an 1889/18 or 1889/99 or 1889/96

Notice that rivet in the fuller to help the bayo stay in the scabbard.

Duncan chose the refined 1899 or 1889/11 or 1911

Notice that the rivet has been replaced with a bar in the fuller.

There is also the third version that preceeded these two and had no rived or bar. Most call it an 1889

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