Berthier Clips---anybody?

The country that avoids war and the country that fights but has a hard time winning have been combined. The Swiss made some excellent firearms and the French made some unique and occaisonally inspiring ones.

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Berthier Clips---anybody?

Postby DocAV » Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:18 am

It has been over thirty days since I posted the announcement about our New Berthier clips ( Aug.4) and Not a peep from anybody (French or otherwise) on these Boards... Lots of interest ( and customers) via GB and Tuco;

Come on, I am sure there are French users of Berthiers ( as well as others in Europe and UK...I did get a Scot take some ( via GB I think); and of course the Canadiens and Aussies and USA have all taken some.
And I remember in 2005, I did the rounds of Paris Gun shops...Nobody had Berthier clips of any kind.( 3s or 5s).

Allez, enfants!!! depechez-vous!

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.
Brisbane Australia.

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