Lumix DC-ZS70

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Lumix DC-ZS70

Postby Niner » Thu May 31, 2018 11:43 pm

New compact digital camera arrived the other day. It does a lot of tricks and has a complicated menu. Stuff like 4k bursts with overlay corrections and 4k movie mode. Long zoom to over 700 mm in normal mode and another 400 or so in special program digital enhancement mode. It has an optical view finder as well as an articulating back screen. The view finder is the major reason I bought it because with screens the bright daylight plays hell with taking photos and knowing how you have an image framed. I bought this camera to replace a compact Sony trip camera that had developed an error message.

At first I wasn't impressed because the menu won't let you choose options you want to choose because you have already made other choices and you have no idea what those conflicting choices are. The overlay photo correction mode seems maddening in how it works or getting it to work the 4k features seem at least arkward. But.. for what I want it to do..... it does it pretty well performs great as long as I ignore the tricks that are sold as features. Look it up online and read the reviews and most of the reviewers like it a lot.

Went out to the park. Trying out the various features and was pretty much happy with it. It does crap out in low light and produce a lot of noise in less than bright light without flash. No problem with that today. Wanted to see how it did with Sony with 30x is crap at anything close up. This one did ok. Overall..... it's a keeper.

It also came with an extended 3 year warranty from B&H photography.

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