SVT40 vs Romo PSL, 10Apr09

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SVT40 vs Romo PSL, 10Apr09

Postby oldironsights » Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:35 pm

It has been a long time since I had been to the range.
I convinced Niner to join me in some shooting at a range along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico in southern Mississippi.
The day was very breezy, which helped to excuse my poor shooting.
I borrowed some auto loading rifles from a friend since I have so few remaining in my collection. I have mainly been eyeing bolt rifles while selling off my undesirable autoloaders for the high prices that buyers are now willing to pay.
I am not impressed with the quality of the Romanian builds, even though Romanian rifles function as designed.

I intended to compare the SVT40 to the Romanian PSL, & post the results, but I had trouble with the PSL scope. The scope rail was not installed true to the bore, so the reticle could not bring the point of aim with the point of impact.

Both 54R rifles cycled as designed, & both actually shot to the point of aim at 100yds using the iron sights.
As my screen name suggests, I seem to have more fun with the issued iron sights.

I was using Czech silver tip light ball ammo in the lacquer painted steel case. I removed the paint with a wire wheel for the rounds intended for the SVT due to its fluted chamber. I left the paint on for the PSL due to its chrome plated chamber .
You can see how the fluted chamber of the SVT is much longer than the PSL's chamber.

Please excuse the ugly sky blue nitrile gloves that I have to wear. My hands are in poor shape from the work that I do.

The SVT is a refurbished 1942 Tula with a very bright bore. It did not group as tightly as the PSL at 100yds & it performed even worse as the shots opened up dramatically at 250yds. Rarely could I hit the 250yd gong with the SVT, while the PSL would score a hit with nearly every shot using the iron sights.

Also pictured is Robert with his No.4 Mk.1
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Re: SVT40 vs Romo PSL, 10Apr09

Postby Niner » Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:04 am

Oldironsights has a great range. Actually there are a half dozen ranges and the one we were shooting on had five or six different distances set with berms as backstops. This range is out in the sticks but really first class.

I was offered a chance to shoot the SVT40 and took it of course. Amazing how light the recoil compared to the Mosin Nagant shooting the same ammo.

I'm attaching a photo of Oldironsights in action with the scoped rifle.

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